What is the difference between a native app and a mobile web app?

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Native apps and mobile web apps are 2 different kind of apps. Native apps are apps created for a specific platform only. The code used to create a native app for iOS, is not the same that the one used to create a native Android app.
Native means that the app is specially crafted for the phone it will be used on. Native apps take advantage of the phone capabilities. That’s the reason why, when well developed, they are very fast, smooth and deeply integrated with the phone.
Mobile web app are web pages that are optimized to be displayed on a mobile phone. Mobile web apps work on every device, since you only need a web browser to use them. That’s their strenght. But, it’s more difficult to make really cool things like augmented reality or photo posting from web apps, since they can’t access phone’s core features as easily as a native does.