What is a Google Publisher account and why should I open one?

Duration : 0min 49sec | Posted : 6 years ago | Channel : GoodBarber FAQ - English
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A Google Publisher account will help you to submit your application on Google Play. It's really simple to open it compares to an Apple Developper account. 
You just have to create a GMail address if you don't have one and go to Google Play, in 4 steps you will have your Publisher account and you will test your application and after publish it on Google Play: 
- Login on Google Play with your GMail address
- Read and accept the Terms & Conditions
- Purchase the license, the price to open a publisher account on Google Play is $25 (lifetime). You can publish several apps with the same account.
 - Enter your personal data: developer name, e-mail address and phone number.
That's it :)