What are some analytics solutions for my app?

Duration : 1min 11sec | Posted : 6 years ago | Channel : GoodBarber FAQ - English
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There are different solutions to get analytics for your app. The way it works is always the same. First, you need to install the sdk of the analytics product you use, into your app project.
analytics products track events that are occuring when a user browses your app. Session, pageviewsn shares, etc. It will also tell you the device  and the place of your users.
Among famous analytics solutions there is Flurry analytics, a widely used robust and free solution. You can also use Google analytics if it’s a more familiar tool for you.
If you use an app builder like GoodBarber, external analytics solutions are most of the time ready to be used. No sdk to install because it’s already done by the app builder. You just have to enter your credentials.
App builders can give you also there own analytics, and they provide great insights because they have access to informations that external solutions can’t access.