How to design a splash screen that sells your app?

Duration : 1min 12sec | Posted : 6 years ago | Channel : GoodBarber FAQ - English
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The splash screen is the first screen your users will see when they enter your app.

First, it must look good. I’m not going to speak about design, which is subjective, but about a common pitfall people encounter with the splashscreen. This is the resolution of the image you create. Even if you have designed the most beautiful screen shot ever, it can look ugly if the resolution doesn’t fit the phone’s screen resolution. You should create several sizes of your splash screen and launch to correct one depending on which phone is launching the app.

Second, keep it simple. the splash screen doesn’t last very long. if yu put too much information, users won’t have the time to read it.

Third, tell your users your app is loading. Many things happen during the loading. It can take more or less time to start your app. It depends also on your bandwidth. There is a risk to loose a user if he thinks the app is frozen. Put a message or an icon saying the app is loading.